Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition
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Exhibition news

World Seafood Shanghai 2020 has come to a successful conclusion


On August 28, the 3-day World Seafood Shanghai 2020 was successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Since the Shanghai Fisheries Expo started in the industry in 2006, the exhibition categories have been continuously enriched, the scale has expanded year by year, and the influence and appeal have been increasing. It has become an indispensable annual event for the aquatic industry.


As the first global aquatic seafood exhibition in the post-epidemic era, during the exhibition, visitors were still in an endless stream, and the exchange atmosphere was unprecedentedly hot. It received enthusiastic response and support from exhibitors and visitors onsite, especially under such special circumstances, it still gave Shanghai Fishery Expo Will have a high degree of trust and actively participate in it. At the same time, in just three days, World Seafood Shanghai 2020 has achieved a new leap in displaying new results, colliding new ideas, and looking forward to new trends, showing the new atmosphere of industry recovery, and boosting confidence in the development of the industry!



Grand opening, VIPs gathered

World Seafood Shanghai 2020 is very honored to invite leaders and guests from the organizers, co-organizers and supporting units of this conference to participate in the conference and attend the opening ceremony of this exhibition. Huang Zhengming, president of Shanghai Frozen Food Industry Association, and world famous Chinese chef Exchange Association Li Yaoyun, Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Aquatic Industry Chamber of Commerce Tian Quanhai, Chairman of Shanghai Fisheries Industry Association Xie Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Ocean University Wu Jiamin, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Ocean Fisheries Bureau Li Yuchun, Chairman of China Fisheries Association Aquatic Products Trade Branch Ge Jinhai, Yang Weiwu, President of Shanghai Food Culture Research Association, Shen Jian, President of Zhejiang Catering Industry Association, Hu Wei, Vice President of Jiangsu Catering Industry Association, Jiao Fucheng, President of Anhui Huicai Industry Development Promotion Association, Shanghai Catering and Cooking Jin Peihua, deputy secretary general of the trade association, and Gao Kemin, secretary general of the Shanghai Food Association, attended the opening ceremony.


In addition, this exhibition won the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), the Youth Professional Committee of the Aquatic Industry Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Aquatic Trade Branch of the China Fisheries Association, the Zhuhai National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the Zhoushan Export Aquatic Products Industry Association, the Shengsi County Bureau of Commerce, Shanghai Food Culture Research Association, Golden Key International Alliance Star Chef Academy, Shanghai Catering Industry Association, Shanghai Frozen Food Industry Association, Zhejiang Catering Industry Association, Norwegian Seafood Bureau, Irish Food Bureau, Ecuador National Aquaculture Chamber of Commerce, Korea Water With the strong support of the Association Central Committee and other domestic and foreign industry organizations and associations, we will work together to advance the industry.



Famous enterprises gathered in the same stage showing their style

In 2020, on the occasion of World Seafood Shangha, this Shanghai International Fisheries Expo and the 11th Shanghai International Catering and Food Materials Exhibition will set up a total of 8 exhibition halls, 80,000 square meters of exhibition area, and 1,200 at home and abroad. High-quality exhibitors have jointly built a one-stop procurement platform for seafood products for on-site buyers, including Guolian, Sheung Shui Group, Guangming Fishery, Hongbao, Xiangtai, Penglai Huiyang, Guangming Fishery, Heyu, Shandong Marine Products , Jiangsu Sainty, Dayang Family, Xindu, Hecheng, Gangyang, Blue Shrimp, Oufeng, Zhenpintang,, Sandu Port, Sanduao, Megaca, Hyster, Weihai Haina, Dragon Well-known companies such as Weiwei, Ogilvy, and Haishanhao collectively appeared.


A collection of fine products, high-quality aquatic products are presented

Exhibits include all kinds of food and beverage ingredients, aquatic (sea) products; refined aquatic foods, prepared foods; processing and packaging equipment, modern fishery and aquaculture technology and equipment; ocean fishing, marine fishing and other fields. Such as prawns from Zhanjiang Guolian, freshwater Lobster from Suzhou Huiyun, deep-sea golden pomfret from Hainan Xiangtai, large yellow croaker from Zhonglu Island, Arctic sweet shrimp from Shangshui Group, shrimp from Zhanjiang Hengzhou Aquatic Products, bluefin Tuna from Ocean Family Tuna, iceberg mussels from the Arctic waters, and black fish fillets from He's Aquatic Products all appeared in this exhibition.






Concurrent events gather momentum to empower brilliant

During the three-day exhibition period, World Seafood Shanghai 2020 will support nearly 20 high-level, high-level, industry-focused concurrent events, including: seafood on the tip of the tongue-geographically-indicated water (sea) product promotion conference , China·The 3rd Salmon Industry Development Summit Forum, 2020 First Yangtze River Delta·Food Culture Summit and "Chuxin Cup" Yangtze River Delta Food Creative Competition, 2020 China Frozen Food Market Development Trend Summit Forum, Aquatic Products E-commerce Consumption Forum and JD Fresh food promotion conference, "Embracing changes and seeking common development" the new pattern of the fishery industry under the normalization of the epidemic, the 2020 exhibitor new product promotion, the 9th Shanghai International Condiment and Food Ingredients Exhibition Forum, the sustainable development of the 2020 food industry cold chain Summit forum, excellent supplier award ceremony, etc. The event covers four types of industry forums, product launches, professional events, and project promotion. At the same time, it has attracted many industry leaders to participate in sharing, and discuss with enterprises the latest market topics and situations in the industry, and seek future development opportunities.









A new journey for win-win

The three-day exhibition has come to an end. I would like to thank all exhibitors, visitors and friends from all over the world who came to the exhibition from all over the world, as well as industry media, and cooperative units for their support, and witnessed the 15th anniversary of the exhibition. Your participation in the exhibition and the guidance of your visit have made our exhibit structure more and more perfect, and the lineup of professional buyers has grown. In the future, the organizer will more strictly control the work of the exhibition, provide more complete exhibition services, and take the quality of the exhibition to a new level , And take the promotion of industry development as its own responsibility, and work together with industry insiders and industry enterprises!


World Seafood Shanghai 2021 will be held again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 25-27, 2021. I look forward to meeting again in 2021 and going to the annual global fishery trade event!