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Indian vannamei shrimp prices in Andhra Pradesh dive further in week 53


The latest prices for head-on, shell-on farmgate vannamei shrimp from India followed different trends in week 53 depending on the area, according to data supplied by aquatech and farming services company Aquaconnect.

Prices show a continuous decrease in the main farming state of Andhra Pradesh, where farmgate prices for large, 30 and 40 pieces-per-kilogram vanamei shrimp dropped again by 4% and 7% to INR 460($6.27)per kilogram and INR 380/kg, respectively, week-on-week.

A similar drop was seen across almost all sizes in this area during week 53, data shows. Farmgate prices fell from INR 320/kg to INR 300/kg for 60-count shrimp;from INR 260/kg to INR 250/kg for 80-counts; and from INR 230/kg to INR 220/kg for 100-counts, according to the chart below:


Conversely, vannamei shrimp prices in West Bengal also dropped in week 53, except for 30-count shrimp, which remained flat at INR 420/kg for the third consecutive week, data shows.

Thus, farmgate prices for 40 and 60 counts dropped by 1% and 3% to at INR 355/kg and INR 300/kg, as prices for 80 and 100-count shrimp also did by 2% and 5% to INR 245/kg and INR 200/kg, respectively.


Prices in West Bengal, however, remained stable at the same levels of the previous week, as the chart below shows, except for 30 counts, which increased by 2% to INR 450/kg

Prices for large and medium-sized shrimp remained stable at INR 370/kg for 40-count shrimp and at INR 320/kg for 60 counts, as it was also the case for prices on small-sized shrimp, which remained stable at INR 270/kg for 80-counts and INR 210/kg for 100-count shrimp.


News Source: UCN