Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition

Booth price

International Booth Price

·Shell Scheme ( 3m x 3m): USD 3, 500 / 9㎡, plus 20% for a corner booth.

Includes: Per 9㎡ equipped booth includes: space, fascia board, carpet flflooring, 2 spot light, 4 folding chairs,2 long arm spotlight , 1 informa on counter, 1 socket 13A/220V (500W), 1 wastepaper basket, 1 round table.

·Space Only (Minimum 36㎡) : USD 350 / ㎡

Includes: space

Note: the height limit of building and decoration is 4m

The joint exhibitors must set up the reserved booths in a unified way, and must maintain the unity of the design style and the integrity 

of the structure. It is not allowed to split or partition the booth.

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