Shenzhen International Fisheries and Seafood Exhibition



China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce(APCC)

APCC is a non-profit member organization of aquatic products and related industries that represents the interests of the industry, serves the members and the enterprises in the industry, and serves as a bridge and link between the government and the industry.


China Fishery Association

China Fishery Association is a national fishery industry association approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is a non-profit national association voluntarily formed by fishery production, operation, processing, machinery manufacturing and related enterprises, institutions and local associations, with independent legal personality. The association has more than 3000 member units, with representative large and medium-sized enterprises as the core of the fishery industry, and is truly an organization that the enterprises themselves take charge of safeguarding the rights and interests of the industry.


Shenzhen Fishery Industry Association


Shenzhen aquaculture industry association was established in October 30, 1999, the association is made with legal person qualification of aquaculture, fishing, aquatic products processing, Marine medicine, stored and circulation, the wholesale market, dealers, import and export enterprises, scientific research, inspection institutions and other enterprises and institutions and industry of aquatic products from personnel of course of voluntary social legal entity. For the purpose of serving the industry, the Association plays a role as a bridge and link between the government, the market and the industry, and coordinates the exchange and communication between the industry and the competent government departments. It plays a leading role in industry guidance, industry self-discipline, market access, foreign exchange, information consultation, promoting consumption and other aspects to promote the development of urban aquatic industry.


Gehua Expo

Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a modern service organization that manages exhibitions and conferences, specializing in the planning, organization and operation of international exhibitions, expositions, academic conferences, business conferences and high-level forums. After 15 years of development, it has advanced exhibition service concept and rich experience in organizing and undertaking large-scale international exhibitions.