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Overview of Global Abalone Trade


New found all over the world, nearly 100 kinds of abalone, across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, almost all over the world have this kind of delicious food, and parts of Asia, Oceania, America and Africa abalone production concentration, abalone trade plays an important role in the whole whole world, today we are together to get to know the profile of the global trade in abalone.


Over the past four decades, the global abalone industry has grown far more rapidly and the trade has grown far more rapidly than anyone could have imagined. Production has shifted from wild fishing to farming, which now accounts for more than 95% of abalone supply.


Among them, China is the World’s main producer of farmed abalone. Data show that China’s annual abalone production reached 170,000 tons in 2019, accounting for 90% of the world’s total abalone production, and the market size is expected to exceed 26.6 billion yuan in 2020.


From the perspective of trade, the main producing areas of abalone in the world are China. South Korea, Japan, the United States, Australia, Mexico, South Africa and other countries, among which the main breeding countries are China, South Korea and South Africa.


China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of abalone among the World’s major producers. Over the past decade, China’s abalone production has increased fourfold, accounting for nearly 90% of the global increase. Currently, China accounts for about 87 percent of the world’s total production of abalone, mainly farmed varieties such as Abalone furrow, Abalone nine-hole and Abalone variegated.

News Source: Frozen foods Strategy